Top 10 Cleaners for Your Mac Device

Top 10 Cleaners for Your Mac Device

The process of choosing the best cleaner for your Mac device is actually pretty in-demand in the Mac community. The thing right now is that because of the fast innovations of Mac devices, it is now quite difficult to keep them in good condition all the time.

Furthermore, a regular Mac device may have a 256 gigabytes of SSD, thus the new storage space-demanding programs can unnecessarily consume a lot of space. So, for you to free up some storage space on your Mac device, you may need the help of top 10 cleaners we will mentioned in this review.

To see whether one of these cleaners is the right for your needs, let’s evaluate them one by one. Ready? Let’s dive in!


This one is known for its clean organization as well as its significant information volume, not to mention that it’s a free program. Disk Inventory X provides a basic overview of your disks.

Its key trait is its clickable color-coded data map on your disk. Such feature can be a source of extra certain data.

Moreover, it is crucial that the program enables viewing the entire disk by the folder size and order of file. In addition, Disk Inventory’s work algorithm is pretty simple but at the same time very informative.

This program also processes its contents then produces a color-coded data map for the users so they can execute certain actions.



CLEANMYMAC 3 is capable of advanced deletion and deep scanning. It features different scanning modes which include Large and Old Files, iTunes Junk, Mail Attachments, Trash Bins, iPhoto Junk, System Junk, as well as Smart Cleanup, on which all represent innovative and specialized cleaning functions.

According to softwarefavorite, one known feature that this cleaner feature is its brief explanation for each test that elaborates what exactly the program is about to execute. Such advantage is perfectly suited for those new Mac users out there.



Since Jaguar Operating System 10.2 X, the ONYX Mac Cleaner is a prominent cleaner app. It provides comprehensive maintenance utilities for your Mac device. This program’s multipurpose version for Operating System X excels when it comes to streamlining.

To be exact, users can efficiently utilize it if they want to verify their startup disk, execute certain cleaning processes, and configure certain parameters in Safari, Dock, and Finder.

ONYX Mac Cleaner is ideal for demanding and experienced Mac users out there who are pretty familiar when it comes to Mac Operating System. Lastly, this cleaner program mainly focuses on innovative functionality at the cost of appearance and user interface convenience.



MACBOOSTER is perfect for new Mac users out there because of its all-in-one functionalities. It can effectively save you time to keep your Mac in good shape. In addition, it is also better in terms of freeing some storage space compared to its competitors.

It has a friendly user-interface, easy to utilize, and a myriad of advantageous maintenance utilities.

This cleaner is a versatile program that gives a whole collection of great utilities for your device’s maintenance. These include preserving the Mac’s system security as well as releasing disk space.

Moreover, MACBOOSTER can get rid of viruses and malware, thus boosting your Mac’s performance. It also provides real-time protection which includes app traces, browser histories, and cookies.



This cleaner mainly focuses on memory optimization on your device by clearing your Mac’s hard disk, monitoring the system performance, and support you in uninstalling rarely-used programs.

Moreover, it is known for its seamless user interface, presentation of folders, and the inclusion of key features in its free version. As a cleaner, it doesn’t require any huge space just to operate and do its functions.

Despite of these amazing features, it comes with some cons such as the complicated multi-stage procedure just to access the program. But overall, for the price of its premium version, it is a very good investment.



Known for its registry and PC cleaner, CCLEANER is classified as a prominent cleaner program for your Mac device. CCLEANER was engineered by Piriform – a prominent brand when it comes to computer optimization.

Unlike to its competitors, CCLEANER is also known for its lack of features. But the reason for that is because Pirifom also offers separate dedicated programs for hardware analysis, disk defragmentation, and deleted files recovery (i.e. Speccy, Defraggler, and Recuva respectively).

In spite of its shortage of features, it is still capable of effectively boosting your laptop’s performance.



Compared to many cleaner programs out there, this one is pretty weak when it comes to detecting certain kinds of junks, obsolete programs, and detecting malware. But to compensate for that, it mainly focuses on secure and high-quality uninstallation.

APPCLEANER’s advantages include secure, high speed, and a complete cleaning feature. Aside from that, it features a convenient advanced management of Plugins and Widgets; a functionality to prevent accidental deletion, and Smart Delete function in order to efficiently trashed applications’ data. (Source)



This cleaner is made to do both some maintenance procedures and cleaning of your disk storage. One of its key traits is not to start the scanning unless you give the order. Moreover, MACFLY Pro gives you the time to do with a certain program or files.

MACFLY Pro cleaner comprises of 3 primary modules known as Tools, CleanUp, and Smart Assistant.

Aside from being specialized in a certain set of functionalities, each module can do some background scanning.

Smart Assistant Module

For example, the Smart Assistant module is mainly focused on your laptop’s overall status. Smart Assistance tells you about potential upgrades that can be performed at any moment.

In this regard, you can do the suggested upgrade or hold on for a little bit. Some potential upgrades include getting rid of unnecessary things like caches, rarely-used files, duplicates, unused cookies, temporary files, and so on.

Clean Up Module

The next module that we will talk about is the CleanUp module that features a wide customizable scanning engine. With this module, you can set different filter combinations in order to separate certain types of junks such as old caches, email trash, and rarely-used files.

Tools Module

The last module is Tools which job is to do some deep scanning to determine many junk files so you can see whether to get rid of them or leave them alone. Tools is also good when it comes to complex uninstalling processes.

Overall, all deleting steps using MACFLY Pro are perfectly safe so you are ensured to prevent frequent deletion of files that you actually need.


This particular cleaner is a free app made by iMobile. Even though it offers free scanning, you need to spend some bucks in order to do any cleaning process. MACCLEAN’s primary job is to keep your Mac device safe and clean from any harmful malware.

Its key features are built-in antimalware, free diagnosis tool, and user-friendly and clear interface.

Despite of great key features, MACCLEAN comes with some shortcomings which include slow security scan and a little bit of unreliable customer service. Upon launching MACCLEAN, you’ll see a simple and easy user-interface that showcases a list of functionalities.

Features Two Main Modules

This cleaner features two main modules which are Utilities and Cleanup that you can use to optimize your Mac device’s performance. One of its great functionalities is to scan web browsers for potentially-harmful cookies.

What MACCLEAN does is analyzing the programs’ histories and certain documents and show warnings of potentially-harmful threats.

This cleaner’s cleaning process is pretty easy. However, it’s not that efficient. The automation part is a little bit weaker compared to prominent cleaners out there. Most of the processes are performed manually.

Overall, it’s a pretty good choice because it comes with beneficial optimization features such as binary junk data remover, extension manager, and iPhoto clean.


This cleaner utilizes open-source and free coding. DAISYDISK primarily focuses on a process called disk space analyzing. This cleaner has a friendly user interface that enables you to visualize your hard drive.

Its analytical functionalities enable users to efficiently search for items that consumes the most storage space on your Mac device.

Its primary advantage is its great algorithm for searching and getting rid of large rarely-used files. It also has a pretty fast scanning speed. Moreover, it can scan different disks at a time quite efficiently.  (Source)

With all the cleaners we mentioned above, you don’t need to worry about your Mac device having a slow performance. What you want to do now is determine which cleaner is best suited for your needs.

But overall, all of them are excellent choices. Just make sure that you understand your device’ status so you don’t waste time and effort on testing.

How about you? Do you know any of these cleaners? Or perhaps do you use another cleaner that we didn’t mention? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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