Teaching Kids To Help Others With Food Waste

Teaching Kids To Help Others With Food Waste


When I was a substitute teacher, I noticed at lunchtime how much food, untouched and unopened, ended up in the trash from the kid’s lunch trays. I thought that was not right considering I myself have had times of wonder where my next meal would come from. It is difficult to function in school and in life without the right amount of food in your stomach. It is also difficult to function well at work or school when you do not have the right kinds of healthy foods in your stomach. Schools in America are changing these needs.

Designated Unopened Food Areas

In several states across the United States schools have designated a space in the lunchroom where kids can give their unopened milk, untouched apples, and more. The kids just simply take the unopened foods from their tray and place it in the clean designated area before throwing the other stuff from the tray away.

Free To All At Lunch

The designated area is a share-table and anyone during lunch is allowed to take from the table if they need something to eat. The table is supervised to make sure the food stays untampered. Many kids are shy about being hungry, I know I was. This table makes the process a little easier for kids to help themselves and not have to go through a lot of red tape. An extra apple or a carton of milk can mean the difference between a child concentrating on a test. I know, I have been there both in high school and college. This program is brilliant and helps solve a silent problem in this country.

To Charity It Goes

At the end of the day, a responsible cafeteria party gets the remaining unopened food prepared. Someone from a charity or food bank then comes and picks the food up and brings it back to their organization. This unopened food is then distributed to kids and families in need. This helps stop the waste of the food and helps people get the good nutrition in this country they need to succeed in life.

Teaching Kids Good Feelings Through Charity

So many people love to help and it is never too early to learn. The kids in these schools that do this program feel good. They learn at an early age what it means to help someone. A healthy individual is one who learns to look outside themselves. This food save program helps young kids do just that. By participating in this help program, this helps kids be more conscious in their decisions and behavior. They are also more likely to continue to give to charity through their life.

The Food Is Regulated

The proper individuals check all the unopened food for expiration dates and contamination. Every precaution is taken to make sure that the food donated is healthy and clean. From the cafeteria in the schools to the food banks or charitable organizations, the proper authority is used to ensure the freshness of the food so everyone can stay and healthy. Everyone works together to help out the program for success.

We are a blessed nation and a busy one. This no-food-waste program helps many hungry kids with getting the extra food they need to feel good. The program also helps the self-esteem of the children both who need the food and those who have a lot and want to help others that they know who do not have as much as they do. There is plenty of food to go around. We can all utilize this helping spirit in our lives.

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