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Fruits That Help, Fruits That Hurt

Fruits That Help, Fruits That Hurt

I have always found most fruit to be a good thing to eat no matter the time of day, as it is it sweet yet nutritious and easily accessible, not to mention portable. You may prefer some fruits over others, and some certainly are better for you too, but the main goal to eating fruit and making it matter is looking at those that are high in vitamins and fiber but low on the bad things like sugar and calories. Here are 8 fruits you should eat and 8 that you should not.

8 Best Power Fruits for Better Health


Pineapple is one of the better choices as it solely contains an enzyme that is very beneficial to humans. It helps you to absorb medicines better and can help against heart cancer and its predecessor diabetes. Find easy ways to put it in your food like oatmeal for breakfast, smoothie for lunch, and top it off as a salsa for dessert.


Blueberries have a higher antioxidant than most food which helps against aging and calorie intake. They help with muscle stress and memory and give you some of your vitamin D and K doses while being low in fiber and carbohydrates. They are an easy item to add to tons of dishes, which is a huge benefit to this fruit.


Put some fresh watermelon into salads or cheeses for a twist on a classic. It lowers muscle soreness and blood pressure while keeping you well hydrated from what it is made from.


If you eat an apple peel-on, you will get a boost of vitamins that reduce the chances of heart disease or stroke. This certainly proving the old adage an apple a day keeps the doctor away! They are a low-cost fruit to give you fiber and some extra water.


Great for weight control, this fruit also gives you tons of vitamin C and A, protein, magnesium, and more. They reduce the risk of cancer which is extremely important, so make them more palatable by sprinkling a little sugar on their sourness.


Manage blood pressure, heart disease, cholesterol, and fatigue with avocados daily. Being high in omega acids, iron, vitamins B6, C, and D, they help your immune system overall. It is a great choice to keep you up and running normally.


Lemons give over 139 percent of your daily vitamin C dose; why else would you need a reason to include them in your diet? Alleviate your stroke, cancer, and kidney stone risk too. Skirt some in your drinks, or drink it straight for a boost.


The fruit has so much fiber present, it helps your digestion immensely and overall stomach health. An enzyme called actinidin allows kiwis to help with IBS symptoms. Don’t forget, it is easy to feel good when you are taking in good food.

Are These Fruit Bad For Your Health?


They are mostly carbs and contain a great deal of sugar. The catch is that as it ripens, it becomes even more sugary. So while good for you, it is important to include them sparingly.


You should only eat a small amount, as they are rich in fiber and could have ill effects. Top a parfait or eat as a quick addition to some nuts. They may be small but pack a punch.


Another fruit rich in sugars and carbs, it is important to keep the amount you eat from this fruit slight. You can freshen up a smoothie with this fruit. Don’t forget to catch them at their ripest for the best effects.


Containing a ridiculous number of calories, mostly from fat, it is essential to stay away from putting heaping amounts into anything you consume. They are currently a popular fruit, put in a vast array of things and food. The coconut filling is great for your body if not overdone.


This fruit is on the bandwagon of being high in calories and sugar, making it an add on item to your dishes. They could increase kidney stone risk despite the myths to the contrary. Like all things, it is imperative not to have to much of a good thing.


Grapes are a fruit most could eat a great deal of and not even notice. However, that quickly makes this fruit have a downside. Eating grapes could actually lead to weight gain, further gut problems, and a high carbohydrate intake.


This bright and juicy fruit serves to be a delicious treat, yet it erodes tooth enamel. Get its nutrients from a small portion of drink and skip the whole fruit. You are more likely to get health benefits from a more fitting fruit that serves to help important factors in your body.


The Lychee contains things that actually work against us, from their very makeup. It makes us unable to synthesize glucose which could lead to low blood sugar and then further problems. Eating heart healthy fruit is essential, so make sure you concentrate on those that help and are not a detriment to being beneficial.