Best Places Where You Can Celebrate New Year’s 2018 For Cheap

Best Places Where You Can Celebrate New Year’s 2018 For Cheap

With life being a celebration and the New Year just days away, it is important to know how and where to combine the two. Celebrating the end of one year and the beginning of another is an important feat, as much as it is a fun one. With every glass of wine, hug and kiss, you rejoice past accomplishments; goals achieved, dreams realized, objectives met. At the same time, it all represents that sort of launch or premier event for all that is to come, all the new challenges to be face and overcome; all the growth that is to come. For all of these reasons, it is important to know the best places to welcome the New Year and part ways with the current one.

Cost of Traveling

A New Year getaway can very well be cost efficient. According to Expedia, you can save around US$600.00 in airfare and hotel stays if you book your trip between November 26th and December 5th. Tropical destinations, such as the Bahamas, can be reached for under US$400.00.

The Dream Spot

The dream place for most people is New York City, understandably so. All its lights and culture truly make it a magical and unforgettable experience. During the holidays, however, a trip to the city can add up high and fast. It already is a pricy destination; the holidays make more so.

Alternate Places

Fortunately, there are numerous other unforgettable destinations where the New Year can be welcomed. Along with tropical destinations, as mentioned above, cities such as Los Angeles and Seattle can be visited for under US$400.00, round trip. You could save even more if your travel plans are flexible.

Expedia has compiled a list of unforgettable destinations anyone can thoroughly enjoy during the transition into the New Year. The airfare is based on average prices with departure dates of either December 30th or 31st. The prices of the hotels are also average and are based on 2017 prices for New Year’s Eve.

Mexico city, Mexico

If your plans run more along the lines of visiting another country, then Mexico is as good a choice as any. With the average airfare costing around US$372.00, and a US$96.00 daily hotel rate, it is an option well within reach.

Nassau, Bahamas

Winter time means very cold weather in many parts of the United States. If you want to head toward warm weather, but you really want to go all out, then tropical weather could be your answer. Nassau offers round-trip airfare for US$369.00 and hotel stays for US$329.00 per day.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

If you would rather not leave the country, or even your coast, you can head down to Fort Lauderdale, in the sunshine state of Florida. To this destination, the round-trip ticket costs US$362.00 and US$226.00 for the hotel, per day.

San Francisco, California

Remember the west coast and how you can opt out of the East’s freezing temperatures? San Francisco is another destination fit for both, celebrating the New Year and doing so in warn weather. Plane fare costs around US$361.00 and hotels have a daily rate of US$244.00.

Los Angeles, California

You can trade the freezing cold temperatures of the east coast by opting for a place in the west coast. Los Angeles offers round-trip airfare for an average of US$377.00 and a hotel stay for US$219.00 per day.


Tampa, Florida

Another city in Florida, also ideal, is Tampa. It has lower prices than Fort Lauderdale, with plane fare for US$347.00 and hotels for as little as US$161.00 per day.

Denver, Colorado & Phoenix, Arizona

These two west coast cities share, not only the desert heat, airfare as well with a US$342.00 price tag. As for the hotels, Denver runs for US$204.00 and Phoenix, US$123.00.

Salt Lake City, Utah

This is another city where the desert heat reigns. However, it is undoubtedly a great place to celebrate too. The average price for round-trip plane tickets is US$341.00, while the price for hotels is US$124.00.

Seattle, Washington

If you are into the west coast, and do not really mind weather conditions, you can consider Seattle, Washington as a possible destination. It too has very recognizable landmarks and the cost to fly is US$309.00. Hotels go for US$239.00.

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